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On tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club: Angels and Bandits by Brodie Curtis #HistoricalFiction #WWII #BookReview @BrodieCurtis4 @maryanneyarde

The Battle of Britain rages and two young RAF pilots from very different stations in life must somehow find common ground—and stay alive.

On the eve of World War II, working-class Eddy Beane is a flight instructor in London. He successfully completes dangerous espionage missions for Air Commodore Keith Park and takes on society-girl June Stephenson as a student. Her ex-fiancĂ©, Dudley Thane, is also a flyer, but upper-class and Cambridge-educated. When the German Luftwaffe attacks England in 1940, Eddy and Dudley end up serving in the same Spitfire squadron. Aerial combat is intense, and both men show their skills and courage, but can they set aside jealousy and class differences to become fighting brothers for the defence of Britain? 

Book Review

A gripping story that will keep you turning those pages long into the night.

Everyone knows the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but this cover is one that certainly stands out on a crowded bookshelf. Although I read the blurb before I saw the cover, I know that if I had seen the cover first I would not have hesitated in picking it up.

Eddy Beane came to England from France when his mother died, to live with his aunt and uncle. He is working in their tailoring business when Commander Park comes to collect his alterations and offers to take Eddy out for a flight. It is sitting in that plane that Eddy’s life changes forever because once he has been up in the air, being on the ground isn’t satisfactory anymore. He simply has to learn to fly.

As the second World War approaches, Eddy finds himself carrying out missions for Commander Park in his own plane, flying over enemy territory to photograph enemy planes. That may be Eddy’s first taste of flying for the RAF, but it certainly is not his last. Between everything, he starts a relationship with June, one of his flying pupils. When Eddy finds himself in the same squadron as June’s ex-fiancee, Dudley, though, emotions run high. 

I don’t really have the words to describe this novel, and it’s rare a book leaves me speechless. What could I say - this book is amazing, spectacular, brilliant. I felt like I was watching a movie as I was reading it. It is in all ways a complete success in every sense of the word.

If you, too, love WWII fiction, or if you have any interest in Spitfires and RAF pilots, or if you just like pretty covers like me, this is a book you have to buy and read.

Buy this Book (and I highly recommend that you do)

Brodie Curtis

Raised in the Midwest, Brodie Curtis was educated as a lawyer and left the corporate world to embrace life in Colorado with his wife and two sons. 

Curtis is the author of THE FOUR BELLS, a novel of The Great War, which is the product of extensive historical research, including long walks through the fields of Flanders, where much of the book's action is set. His second novel, ANGELS AND BANDITS, takes his protagonists into The Battle of Britain. Curtis is currently working on a novel set on a Mississippi Riverboat prior to the Civil War.

A lover of history, particularly American history and the World Wars, Curtis reviews historical fiction for the Historical Novels Review and more than 100 of his published reviews and short takes on historical novels can be found on his website:  

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